samedi 4 juin 2011

Listen - Beirut - East Harlem (new single)

‘East Harlem’ and ‘Goshen’ are the first new songs from Beirut since 2009’s 'March of the Zapotec' EP revealing an expanded approach from a band that has always been nomadic. ‘East Harlem’ is an immediate pop song, with an upbeat uke, piano and trumpet melody tailor made for seven-inch satisfaction. ‘Goshen’ balances out the mirth with heartfelt piano and intimate vocals - perhaps band leader Zach Condon’s greatest singing performance ever. Together, the songs portend of good things to come. Beirut will be on tour for an extended run of shows for what promises to be a very exciting year for the band. Theres two thousand on white vinyl, and two thousand on blue vinyl for the world

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